Greetings from Toyberg -

your HQ for the Freedom from Boredom Movement!

(formerly Frankenmuth Toy Company & Kite Kraft)


Our website still needs work & stock is lower than normal...but we are happy you are here and you can still place orders online.


We now have multiple ways to check out products and purchase. 

1- Come on in.  We're open!!

2- Look online and set up free delivery if you live within 20 miles of Toyberg.  There is an option for that in the shopping cart.  

3- Order online and have it shipped anywhere in the continental US; if shipping past the 48 states, please give us a call for shipping options

4- we also have in-store pick up when you order online.  Let us know at least an hour in advance so we can have your order ready for you at our door.

We are sanitizing to the best of our ability and following safety protocols to not further the spread of COVID-19.    If you stop in the store, please understand that we are a toy store and children do not always understand our posted signs that ask everyone to sanitize their hands (there are multiple bottles located throughout the store) before playing.  Please be mindful not to touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth, etc until after sanitizing your hands or leaving our store.  

Thank you for visiting Toyberg!