Jigsaw Puzzles

From a 38 large piece floor puzzle for the 3+ puzzle beginner to a 9000 piece Disney work of art for the most dedicated of puzzlers, we've got you covered in our selection.

For those struggling with memory, vision or attention-deficit challenges, we offer a more unique puzzle collection of 60 - 100 large piece puzzles with more mature themes and less childlike than the typical 60-100 piece child's puzzles.  The number of designs is limited but we are always looking to acquire more design options as this category grows and more manufacturers get in on it.

Other popular categories with children and adults alike are the glow in the dark and 3D puzzles.  You'd be surprised at the detail of the printing that is now available on these.  

You can find the 4-6 pc chunky & sound puzzles along with the 24pc wooden piece board puzzles in our Preschool category.