Itzi Card Game

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ITZI, It’z simple! It’z fast! It’z letters! It’z laughs! ITZI is one of the newest award winning creations from the duo that brought you TENZI, SLAPZI, Risky ITZI, and PAIRZI. ITZI is an easy to learn, fast-paced word based card game that rewards creativity and quick thinking. That’s why it’s the 2018 winner of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association’s Best Toys for Kids award in the Game Night category. ITZI is super-simple to learn, and super-fast to play! Be the first to get rid of your 5 letter cards to win. There’s not just one way to play, there’s plenty of fun, colorful twists. You could play COLOR ITZI, ICON ITZI, EITHER ITZI or you can even use the clue cards from the extremely popular game SLAPZI as more ITZI clue cards!

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