Map Interactive w App Solar System

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This Augmented and Virtual Reality infused wall chart with its app will allow you to learn, interact, and have fun all at the same time. This immersive experience includes intricate animations, amazing videos, informative read-along, games, and so much more! You will have the opportunity to have a personalized learning experience packed full of engagement and excitement. Answer questions and explore the planets to unlock additional features, such as the Astronaut Picture Mode, or the fully animated Solar System! Unlock Virtual Reality mode and watch as planets and probes orbit around you in 360°! Hours of fun for the whole family! The chart itself is 32” x 42” and has a laminated finish. While this chart can be enjoyed without technology, an Android, iPhone, or iPad is required to download the interactive app.

(Color of box may be different than pictured, but product inside is the same and correct. An updated picture will be provided when available)

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