Eco Pals Elephant Large

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Eco Pals Elephant Plush stuffed animal is the best gift for elephant lovers of any age! You may have seen our stuffed animal plush toys in aquariums and zoo gift shops around the world, and now you can order them online. Best of all, we're often told that our eco-friendly toys are very realistic looking stuffed animals! Eco Pals animal plush toys are also the best educational toys for kids because they include an educational hang tag that teaches children about wildlife conservation, the environment and what they can do to reduce plastic waste. They are plastic bead free, helping to eliminate over 312 tons of plastic waste. No plastic bags were used in the delivery of these items, eliminating over 300,000 bags per year. With embroidered eyes and noses, each Eco Pals stuffed toy is tested and is certified baby safe. Both the outer materials and fiberfill of our animal plush are made from 100% post-consumer material.

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